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Powerful, Life Changing Quotes from Osho – Part 3 On Marriage, Love and Sex

I previously shared some of my favorite quotes from Osho which you can find it here, here and here

Osho has a profound way of explaining even the most complex human conditions in the very simplistic way ever possible! The following comment by Boston Club, Japan summarises it all: “Now that religion has become just a formality, and the burning messages of the buddhas who have been on earth degraded to mere formal faith, the message of Osho, who has reached to such dazzling heights of human consciousness through his own experience, is incomparable in its strength to pierce the beauty within our hearts.”

Osho’s teachings go even beyond the capability of an intellectual mind to comprehend it fully. His teachings are a call for going beyond the mind – a state of “no mind”, and to challenge you to explore and accept yourself wholeheartedly, from soul through your bone, discarding all the ‘conventional’ expectations of the society and be absolutely true to your Inner Self!

In this write up, I gather even more powerful and life changing inspirational quotes from Osho on Love, Marriage, Relationships, Sex, etc.

On Marriage, Relationships, Love and Sex

love, relationshipMahamudra (the great gesture) means a total orgasm with the universe. If you have loved somebody, and sometimes you have felt a melting and merging – the two are no more two; the bodies remain separate, but something between the bodies makes a bridge, a golden bridge, and the twoness inside disappears; one life energy vibrates on both the poles – if it has happened to you, then only you can understand what Mahamudra is. Millions and millions times deep, millions and millions of times high, is Mahamudra. It is a total orgasm with the whole, with the universe. It is melting into the source of being.

Tantra says remain homeless, don’t abide anywhere, don’t get identified and don’t cling to anything. Remain homeless, because in homelessness you will attain to your real home. If you start getting… abiding in this and that, you will miss the home. Don’t cling to anybody, to anything, to any relationship. Enjoy, but don’t cling. Enjoyment is not a problem; once you start clinging, once the clinging mind comes in, then you are not flowing, then a block has come in. Don’t abide anywhere, then you will abide in yourself. Don’t cling to anything, only then you will be able to rest in yourself.

What ordinarily happens in the world is this: You don’t have love; the person you think you love has no love in his being, either, and both are asking for love from each other. Two beggars begging each other! Hence, the fight, the conflict, the continuous quarrel between the lovers – over trivia, over immaterial things, over stupid things! – but they go on quarreling.

When you are in a state of overflowing joy, then you can share. The word selfish has taken on a very condemnatory association because all the religions have condemned it. They want you to be unselfish. People are told to help others – love your neighbors, love your enemies – and they are never told to love themselves. The basic thing is to love yourself so totally that the love overflows you and reaches to others.

Marriage is only a working partnership. If it works, good; if it works your whole life, good. If it does not work, then say good-bye. I don’t think it’s anything sacred. It is just an institution and a working partnership like any working partnership of the business world; nothing to be bothered about so much.

And every marriage carried the divorce behind it. Either you have to become one day a hypocrite – you go on smiling and saying ”dear” and ”darling” and you don’t mean it – or the society condemns you if you divorce. Marriage brings divorce in. If you want no divorce in the world, then the marriage has to go. And it should be a working partnership: two person who want to live together, perfectly good.

Orgasm is a state where your body no more is felt as matter; it vibrates like energy, electricity. It vibrates so deeply, from the very foundation, that you completely forget that it is a material thing. It becomes an electric phenomenon – and it is an electric phenomenon….In orgasm, you come to this deepest layer of your body where matter no more exists, just energy waves; you become a dancing energy, vibrating.

Orgasm almost never happens between a wife and a husband – unless they are lovers also. That is possible: you can be a wife or a husband and a lover; you can love your wife. Then it is totally different, but then it is not a marriage at all, it is no more an institution.

Wives and husbands are social phenomena… an institution, it is not a relationship. It is an institution; it is a forced phenomenon – not for love, but for other reasons: economic security, safety, children, society, culture, religion, everything else except love.

Love in itself, or just having a relationship with someone, is not going to give you happiness, unless you bring happiness with you.

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