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Tantra – Awakening Your Highest Consciousness: Part 1


Tantra (तन्त्र​) is the most powerful science practiced by Indian occult traditions for centuries. It is originated from two Sanskrit words: Tanoti (तनोति) and Trayati (त्रयति). Tanoti means ‘to expand, to stretch’ or ‘to extend’ and Trayati means ‘to liberate’ or ‘to be free’ or to ‘be natural’. Tantra is the most misunderstood science because it is considered to be obscene or not fit for people of good taste.

Tantra means to expand one’s experience and awareness of everything and be free and natural as to attain spiritual knowledge and liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth – moksha. Tantra is a science – a sacred science – of knowing and experiencing the infinite through the finite. The main intention of tantra sastra (sastra – science or discipline in Sanskrit) is to make your life more harmonious and to make living an absolutely blissful experience.

Tantra is a universal system. It encompasses all aspects of our life – body, mind, spirit, emotions, work, play, thoughts, devotion and every other human interactions of all levels. The most beautiful purpose of tantra is to spiritually illuminate each and every souls in whichever way suitable to them. Tantra comprises of various practices to illuminate all types of personalities by accepting everything that happens in and around them through their own experiences. Tantra does not ask or force it’s practitioners to accept anything, but teaches you to always be receptive, like a child, as to attain the gift of highest consciousness.

Tantra teaches you to go to the deepest core of your Self, the center of your very own being. Only then you realize that you are neither this nor that, but a nothingness, a vast emptiness, like a hollow bamboo, where energy flows without any hindrance. That is when one can attain the highest enlightenment – the Buddhahood.

Tantra Sastra is all about being natural, being loose, being fluid like water, and being truly you, without fighting with yourself, but accepting everything that happens to you. According to tantrism, the highest liberation is about you being perfectly natural. Osho, an Indian mystic and a guru says, “Be empty, loose and natural. Let that be the most fundamental principle in your life.” – to me, this is the core principle of tantra and also the very reason why it was always misunderstood and oppressed!

Unlike many other doctrines that claim that only Sannyasi (Sanskrit word for the one who renounces everything to attain enlightenment) or a Bhrahmachari (a celebate who studies Vedas) can attain Buddhahood, tantra proclaims that there is nothing that can stand in the way of one attaining the highest consciousness.  According to tantra, the knowledge and power to attain the highest consciousness, the Buddhahood, lies in the depth of our own being. That’s why, tantra marga – the path of tantra – teaches you to look into the very center of your being, your core.

Tantra practices lead you to nothingness, the absolute awareness and Buddhahood. “There is no other practice than tantra that accepts human beings in it’s totality”, says Osho. It is all about being natural and embracing the true you.

“Be empty, loose and natural. Let that be the most fundamental principle in your life.” – Osho