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The Tantric Oneness

One of the most basic concepts of Tantra is Oneness. According to Tantra, the world is not divided by race, religion, culture, class, nationality or any other boundaries. The world is One. Tantra sees a unique Oneness deep within the duality that appears on the outer plane of everything. The good and the bad are the different sides of the same coin. So is the higher and the lower planes. And dark and light, day and night and God and Devil,…

Tantra – Awakening Your Highest Consciousness: Part 2


Tantra is a science, not a philosophy. Tantra means techniques, methods, the path and it is concerned with the “how” of things than the “why”. It teaches you how the absolute truth can be attained. The main purpose of Tantric practices is to evoke and express the mother aspects in all the living beings, which is the nucleus of absolute consciousness – the core / the center of every living being . Tantric practitioners worship Devi – the goddess –…

Tantra – Awakening Your Highest Consciousness: Part 1


Tantra (तन्त्र​) is the most powerful science practiced by Indian occult traditions for centuries. It is originated from two Sanskrit words: Tanoti (तनोति) and Trayati (त्रयति). Tanoti means ‘to expand, to stretch’ or ‘to extend’ and Trayati means ‘to liberate’ or ‘to be free’ or to ‘be natural’. Tantra is the most misunderstood science because it is considered to be obscene or not fit for people of good taste. Tantra means to expand one’s experience and awareness of everything and…